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Hello, and thank you for visiting Frantic Home Cook! I’m Kelly, a self-confessed chocoholic, recipe developer, fitness fanatic, and lover of all things nice and tidy. Photography has become one of my favourite hobbies, and I hope to one day publish my own cookbook! I enjoy creating new delicious recipes, styling beautiful cuisine, shopping for unique dishes, and, most importantly, EATING ALL THE FOOD! So, why did I start this teeny-tiny blog? Well, I’m delighted you inquired!


When I first started dating my now-husband Chris in 2011, we went through a phase of lying around, watching movies, and eating whatever we wanted, which I’m sure most new couples can relate to. We both gained a little “happy weight,” as I like to refer to it, and I wanted us both to get back into a healthier routine. So I started preparing new dishes once a week, and Chris would post them on Facebook at random. I didn’t want our food to seem bad in front of the world, so I started styling the food before he took a picture and saved the recipes we liked. I’ve always been a big lover of food blogs, and I thought it’d be a lot of fun to keep an online journal of these recipes and images while still maintaining our healthy lifestyle. That was the start of Frantic Home Cook!

I’ve learnt a lot on this wonderful adventure, and things have surely changed since I started my blog in 2011. First and foremost, you’ll see that Frantic Home Cook has gradually moved toward a completely clean lifestyle over the years. Don’t get me wrong: I still enjoy a treat now and again, but I’ve never felt better than when I’m eating 100% organic, non-processed whole foods. It was a huge eye-opener for me because I honestly believed that labels like “fat-free” meant healthy and that artificial sweeteners like Splenda were good for you. I’ve simply learnt that if the number of components listed on the back of a product is too many to count (or you can’t even pronounce them), you shouldn’t be putting them into your body! You can read more about how I began living a healthy lifestyle here.